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Guitar lessons

Solid, proven and effective guitar methods are used as well as self-written teaching materials. Lessons may be supported with mp3 recordings made during the lesson. Depending on the experience and/or preference of the student, the lessons are given on classical, western/steelstring, electric guitar and bass guitar.

Classical guitar

The learning trajectory for classical guitar is subdivided into three stages: Beginners course, Follow-up course, and Third year course in which all important basic skills are mastered to get the student on a clear track for further development and continuation of the classical guitar study. More advanced guitarists with a wish to expand their repertoire, or with their own learning plan, of course may want to deviate from the three stages learning program.

Electric guitar & Bass guitar

Lessons are preferably given with a "clean" guitar sound in order to keep the original characteristics of the instrument and amplifier intact as much as possible. Apart from some built- in basic sound effects on the guitar amplifier, no use is made (after all, everyone has their own preference) of elaborate external effect equipment. The study covers among other things, accompaniment of pop songs, country/rock, blues and jazz ballads (most students bring their own teaching material for this usually in the form of a songbook), improvisation technique, the practical use of jazz chords (usually by learning 'mainstream' jazz ballads) and tone control techniques applicable to the electric guitar.
Western/Steel-string guitar In the early thirties of the last century this steel stringed acoustic guitar was the favorite instrument of emerging popular USA Country- and Folk entertainers, and later (in particular the so-called Dreadnought model due to the extra loud basses) was THE choice for playing Bluegrass music which was an upcoming music style initiated by an folk artist by the name of Bill Monroe. Nowadays the steel-string guitar has earned its popularity as a workhorse for many guitarists, and is used in almost all musical genres. Coaching on western guitar includes accompaniment techniques for both singing (Bluegrass songs, trad. Folk music, Jazz ballads & singer songwriter genre) and instrumental songs in 'flatpick' and/or 'fingerpicking' style, including fiddle tunes from the North American, Canadian and Celtic repertoire (jigs, reels, hornpipes etc.) and Country-blues style fingerpicking.

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